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Winning Entry by Christian Shepherd


Dear Beautiful Freedom,

I know there’s far more meaning in you than drive thru’s and shopping malls
BBQs, fireworks and mixed alcohols.
It’s slowly becoming legible, the writing is on the wall.
Your borderless grace is incredible and casts no culture to cancel at all
You are a safe place to make a mistake, to brush off the dirt from a nasty fall.

Happy are those who fought for Freedom today, some, the fight just to get out of bed,
Happy to pull yourself from the ledge, before you even poured the coffee or buttered the bread.
How priceless is the freedom that does not rent space out in the deeper parts of my head.
No worry about who likes me, or what was being said.
True Freedom cultivates the soil of the mind with seeds written in red.

Our Freedom, this freedom, is found in the child with a blind heart beat
A sharp warming sensation, free to lift up others that find it hard to breath.
Encouraging the smallest voice to speak life, over just taking what we need.
Freedom rings true only when we ALL have something to eat and a good nights sleep.
Sometimes its walking with other lions, sometimes its waking up the sheep.

My dear neighbor, I speak the beautiful, unconstrained, unadulterated favor,
of pure, American, grass fed, USDA choice. Freedom of something greater.
The kind of Freedom that will pray for your enemy to be safe and so that, you be right with that divine nature.
It is like the complete acceptance of answering the thankless call, when there is no return favor.
This freedom is the light to be greater.

A Freedom to forgive first,
the freedom to cultivate kindness over the right to be right
A freedom to live verse by verse,
the freedom to motivate lifeless content, into library’s of wisdom and insight.

Dear beautiful Freedom, let the bell ring true, have your way, this is your day, be made new!
Whatever your party, whatever your view. That is your right, your constitutional due.

However, remember that it was not just one light in the tower, Midnight rider.  it was two.

A toast and a pledge for those that paid this note, that we can holiday in hope and not be left to mourn.
We celebrate beating oppressions past, for the children that are born
Liberty be praised first and last, this Freedom has the power to transform
It means to get purposely lost in the static and storm, 

that comes from breaking free from the norm.

FREEDOM means being the LOVE and when the time calls... a little bit Jason Bourne.

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