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We Know Tucson

Tucson is our home. We have roots here. We work here. We've raised families here. We've owned businesses here. We know Tucson. 

Tucson people prefer to shop and buy local. Now there is an economical way to get in front of them in their homes and be seen over and over.

One (or more) of our growing family of hyper-local high quality lifestyle magazines is sure to be the perfect fit to help you grow your business.

Want more information? We would love to visit or talk with you about how we can help you grow your business, economically.

The Boerup family moved to Tucson from Chicago in 1978. Kevin was the oldest at 21 and Leon the youngest at 8. Dad was brought here by Burr-Brown (bought by Texas Instruments) and ended up at IBM. He later started LaserXperts and made a name in Tucson as the best quality laser toner cartridge re-manufacturer.

In 1985, after working for various print shops in town, Kevin started U.S. Press & Graphics, which grew to be one of Tucson's top commercial print shops. Kevin sold in 2010 and  started an independent publishing company (his first love is books), Three Knolls Publishing.

When Kevin was contacted about publishing the RTEAM magazine in 2018 (Raytheon Tucson Employees magazine), he investigated and began a new publishing avenue.

Since then he has wanted to do a lifestyle magazine and thus Three Knolls Media was born.

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