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Where does the name
Three Knolls come from?

   Ever since we were young, our family would  spend summers in southern Utah. We would visit my grandparents and stay at The Ranch. That’s what we all called it.

   My mother’s mother, Harriet Robinson Judd, was born on the ranch in 1900. She later inherited the 500 acres in Johnson Canyon from her father, Oscar. Together, she and my grandpa farmed, raised cattle, sheep, horses and their family there. 

   I have many fond memories of my youth hanging out at the ranch, climbing the hills, exploring sand caves, riding horses and enjoying this small spot of heaven.

   I think I still have some of that red dirt in my shoes.

   My grandmother was also a painter. She helped support herself by selling her paintings and hand-made quilts after my grandfather passed.

   This painting (at right) is the view across from the ranch house. It was one of her favorites. We all loved making the trek to climb the three knolls.

  I honor our grandmother and her pioneering spirit (she could do/make just about anything) by naming the business after those famous three knolls.

   The logo art was traced right off of her painting, scanned and cleaned up, and then I added the color. Viola! I love it when a logo comes together so quickly.

   Here’s to you, grandma.

3 knolls graphic only.jpg
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