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Marana Style Winners!


Marana Style FIRST PLACE 
C. Mack 
won the 1st place prize this year and won an upgraded Version 2 of the MagMod basic flash kit. Her photo of Poppies and Friends is just so colorful! Congrats!

Marana Style SECOND PLACE 

Lee Scherer submitted this great shot of spring flowers on the Burro Trail. Awesome!

Marana Style THIRD PLACE 

Simon Gerber captured the essence of spring with a honey bee at work on a cactus flower. Way to go!

Marana Style Honorable Mention 

Simon Gerber also wins our Honorable Mention with this fantastic Sunrise over Marana image! Beautiful!


1st C. Mack WEB Poppies and friends V-1.jpg

2023 winner: C. Mack captured this colorful shot of Poppies and Friends. Congratulations!

2nd Lee Sherer WEB Springtime flowers in bloom on Wild Burro Trail.jpg

2023 Second Place: Lee Scherer's photo of Spring Flowers on the Burro Trail.

3rd Simon Gerber WEB cactus flower bee 1113.jpg

2023 Third Place: Simon Gerber's honey bee on cactus flower is just wonderful!

Simon Gerber WEB honorable sunrise IMG_0325 (2).jpg

2023 Honorable Mention: Simon Gerber's Sunrise over Marana. Just gorgeous!

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